How to survive fashion…

Fashion Week

The best and worst months of the year

Heres how to make it out of fashion week alive and hopefully only a few cuts and bruises!

Welcome to fashion week! Wait! No, fashion month! Yes, month! Castings start to trickle in about 2 weeks before the first shows. Then you have a solid week of show days, followed by another week of random shows here and there. You’re going to be exhausted, overworked, and tired of people touching you! But your bank account, your show count, and possibly your book will thank you!

How to know if you are doing fashion week?

Simply ask your agency if you are going to be in the show package. Show package is just means you’re going out for shows and have a card with a special theme layout. Some will ask you, some will just assume one way or another. So its best to ask if you are unsure.

What you need for fashion week castings?

  • Heels
  • Cards
  • Hair Tie

These are the golden three. You will need them at pretty much every fashion week casting. Some may request book but that is rare.

Pick a pair of heels you can walk in like its second nature. Practice in them. Break them in!!!!

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen girls with great walks, bomb a casting because they didn’t break in their heels. Practice on as many types of floors you can. Carpet, Wood, Cement, find it and walk on it!

I practice all the time. Anytime I’m in heels and there’s a walkway, I practice. Modeling is a skill and you should constantly be honing your skills.

Cards of course. Carry 2x the amount of castings you have, minimum. If you don’t have a card they could forget you and then you wasted all that time and effort. They weigh like 2 ounces each just put a few extras.

Model Bracelet! – hair tie whatever you want to call it, buy a pack, a sprinkle that shiz everywhere. 3 for this bag, 4 for that bag, you won’t regret it.





What you don’t know you need for fashion week castings!

  • Snacks / Water
  • Power Bank
  • Cover up

You will get stuck at some fashion week castings for a lot longer than you thought. Having snacks and battery power can help keep you happy and calm while waiting. The clients do not care that they are unorganized or taking forever but they will care if you have an attitude about it. Why waste your time going if you are going to make a bad impression anyways?

It is almost ALWAYS cold back stage. You are sitting still for hours and there is equipment and guest they must keep cool so pack a big scarf or a jacket or shawl.






What to wear to fashion week castings?

  • The unwritten rule for fashion week is all black everything but i love to wear blues and greys to help my eyes pop. I suggest picking¬† solid colors and you should be fine.
  • Stick to something you can change in and out of easily
  • Leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, and a tank top. Think form-fitting so they can see your shape.
  • It’s best to wear separates instead of a dress because sometimes they just want to try pants on you or just a top. You’ll get stuck waiting for them to find the other piece or waiting on another model trying it on.
  • I stay away from accessories because I don’t want to lose them when changing or having to take them off for the casting and having nowhere to keep them safe.
  • You can wear flats to get to the casting but bring your heels. Some girls don’t want to deal with carrying heels but then you risk the client not having any or not having your size and thus screwing up your walk.






Hair and Makeup for fashion week castings?

  • Keep it simple for makeup – brows, mascara, under eye concealer and some gloss will do the trick.
  • For hair, again, keep it simple. Brush it, get some shine spray, DO NOT go looking like you rolled out of bed.
  • You can wear your hair down but they will probably ask for it pulled back so have your model bracelet. (hair tie)


What to do at fashion week castings?

  • Pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask people their names, make eye contact and pay attention. This is a job interview and treating it like one I guarantee you will get you more bookings. So many models strive to have the “Im too good for this, I don’t care vibe” but if you’re at the casting in the first place, you do care, so be the best you! You will meet these people again, even if they don’t book you now, they will remember you and your attitude/vibes. Making that a positive memory or not is up to you.
  • Have your card in your left hand when you walk in the door. Take the ten seconds to stop outside and pull out your card(& book) and put away your phone. This way you are ready to give them the card and shake their hand if it fits the mood. The amount of times I have been complimented for looking “ready to go” when i walk in is a whole lot more than you would think. (Bonus Points if you want to put your heels on before as well!)




How to take care of yourself during fashion week

  • Get some rest!! Try to sleep as much as you can because it’s going to be long days, everyday. Next thing you know its market week, then bridal week, so get that beauty rest!
  • Face Masks – sheets, creams, whatever fits your needs. Try 2x a week and bonus use the time to stretch (stretching guide coming soon)
  • Eat healthy!
  • Hydrate! From the inside and the outside.
  • Try yoga or mediation or whatever soothes your soul.
You can not pour from an empty cup! So take the time to take care of yourself so you can be all the greatness that you are for others.


Good Luck Ladies!!!

Anything I missed or you want more of?

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