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Agency Fees 101

Agency Fees are normal but what exactly is a legit charge? Pay attention to every charge and don’t be afraid to ask questions. All agencies set their own fees. They decide what they will and won’t charge for and it can and will change at anytime. Unfortunately most agencies do not provide a sheet with …

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NY Fashion Week Basics FAQ

NY Fashion Week Basics FAQ   How do I know if I am doing Fashion Week? Simply ask your agency if you are going to be in the show package. Show package just means you’re sent out to all the clients your agency has for fashion week and have a card with a special themed …

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How to become a signed model

Many girls write me asking
"How do I become a model?"
"Can you get me an agency?"
"Is this agency or scout who dm'd me real?"
Here is a simple and quick guide on how to go about obtaining an agency. Theres some model vocab for you at the end :)

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