Hello Beautiful!

Welcome to #askcoco

Who: YOU! This blog is for you so you should get input.

What: Anything you want to know about. Nails, makeup, modeling, gift giving, credit cards, credit scores, interview skills, dollar store finds….whatever you want to know about I will write about. If I don’t have the answer I will find someone who does and have a guest writer.

When: ANYTIME! I will try to answer as quickly as possible for simple questions. For request about testing products I will send you a message on how long it will take to get and test the product.

Where: Here or on instagram with #askcoco

WhyI live a unique life and get to work with some amazing experts in all sorts of fields. Being a full time model and pageant queen I have learned so many tricks and tips about makeup, hair, lighting, the list goes on. Everyday I am meeting and working with new people and getting to know them for 8-12 hours on set, so I learn a lot. The modeling and pageant worlds are both very elusive and are both relatively newer worlds. Most girls don’t have access to someone with experience or knowledge of these worlds.  Thats where I come in! I have the information and I want to share my knowledge with anyone who could benefit, so ask away! (learn more about coco)