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Hello 🙂

I am Lena Coco Hunter.

I am an Alaskan Native (Athabascan).

I grew up with divorced parents in between LA and Bakersfield.

After many years of physical, emotional, and non stop verbal abuse I realized I would need to leave to survive.

So I started modeling while trying to finish high school in night school and saved up enough to leave one night and never come back.

Since then I have worked in 7 countries with hundreds of brands on thousands of jobs.

I have appeared in films, on tv, in webseries, magazines, and billboards across the globe.

I also had millions of lifes little lessons along the way.

From how to nail the casting to how to file my taxes.

I, like so many of you, learned next to nothing from school, my parents, or my agents.

My experience on the parental side was for different reasons but we have all seen the #adulting and experienced the moment where we realized we didnt learn jack shit in school when it comes to credit cards or how to shop smart or meal plan.

So we stumble along and learn as we go with experience and failures.

As I learned I always had a passion to share my new findings with anyone who might benefit from it and so I became the go to on set for random questions from self care to money savers to where to get a good burrito at lunch.

Modelesque was created as a way for me to share all this random knowledge so you don’t have to stumble as much as I did.

From how to videos, to in depth ebooks, and customized workshops, I am here to share all my tips and tricks with you.

Because isn’t the whole point of life in a society?

To make it better for those who come next.


♡♡ Miss Lena Coco


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